The Workplace Security Manual

Being in charge of an office area or even owning a small office area can be stressful enough – factor in the security threats and your stress levels will skyrocket. Invaders and intruders are everywhere – thieves are always scanning buildings, how they can get in or get out etc. but if you are cautious enough and vigilant enough to secure your building and your people, then no harm can befall you. Here are a few ways how to get that going.


Something that office spaces are notorious for are their virtually impenetrable windows – impenetrable by outside eyes, of course – and this must be a crucial point that you have to attend to as well. The easiest way here is to install blinds Brisbane Northside by using a reliable security company that can do a good job and also tell you additionally what else needs to be done to secure your office. These are not difficult to maintain, as they are either made of wood or a metallic substance that only requires cleaning and not washing, unlike curtains that can also be seen through. They may seem complicated to operate, but once people have been taught how to fold and unfold, they will get the hang of it pretty soon.


It will also be well if you decide to fortify your premises further by installing stainless steel screens wherever you have high open doors and windows. This will provide you with a tough exterior that any thief will find difficult – or impossible – to break into. Further, these will look good and give your office a professional look. Maintenance is easy as well – these require nothing more than regular cleaning and the occasional check up to see if it has no defects. You can install these wherever you want – especially places where important documentation is kept and money is stored – and keep out intruders as well as nosy employees.

Backup System

For when your office is unused – perhaps at night or during the weekend – make sure you have a security system installed, with only a few individuals knowing the key or code to deactivate it. This will ensure that you and the authorities are notified if anyone unwanted decides to pay the office a visit. This will also help you rest easy and cut down your stress by tenfold.

Cyber Security

If your work is stored largely in computers, then at least password protection and encryption mechanisms must be adopted by you and your employees. Any technical professional will be able to help you out with that.

After all, security is never too high a price to pay.