Buying A New Home? 3 Signs To Know If Your Home Has A Roof Leak

It can be quite tense when it comes to buying your first home. There is a lot at stake because you will be investing a lot of money into your new home and it will be with you for a really long time. Thanks to the Building Act that was introduced in New Zealand in 1991 most construction companies could build homes without being regulated by any authority. This meant they had free reigns of what type of materials they could use to construct. These were mainly cheap materials but this changed in 2004 when stricter regulations were added on. This means that there are many homes that could be faulty so deciding which home to buy needs serious discussion. One of the biggest concerns are the homes roofs, especially roofs that are leaky. If your roof is damaged it can affect the rest of the structure of the house. So here are some helpful signs for you to know if there are roof problems in these homes. Go here  for more information about plumbers. 

Moisture in Attic

Check out the attic and see if any moisture or mold is there. This can usually lead to spots being created on the ceiling. If there is a lot of condensation accumulation in that home then it would mean that there is a roof leak. Although most leaks only influence on one area, they have a chance of spreading to other parts of ceilings because of condensation which then creates molds.

Spots on Ceilings and Walls

If you live in a region where there is constant rain then you have to make sure your roof can be able to handle it. If it can’t handle it the roof will start to leak water and this can create a stain on your ceiling and can spread to the walls as well. You can also determine how bad the leak is based on the size of the spots. This is when you should immediately get a roof repairs Auckland company to come and fix it before it spreads further. If it does spread it will cause major structural damage and this would be cost to repair.


You would have installed gas fitters Auckland in order to do your cooking. When you are cooking all that smoke and gas that gets passed in the air would go through a ventilation system. This ventilation area is sometimes installed on the top of a home’s roof. This ventilation too can be a source of a roof leak because over time, if they are not maintained, they could start to crack and allow water to seep through it. So it is important to check for any cracks near that area.

If you find any of these problems and think that you can fix it then you can go ahead and buy the home. There are many repair companies out there that would help fix these problems before they become a nuisance to you in the future.