Securing Your Doors Against An Intruder

Your door is an underrated necessity of your house, and which is equally very vulnerable as well.

For a home, not only door but windows are quite vulnerable too. However, it is very easy to increase security and make sure the intruders do not enter or break in your home through the windows by installing grills, grates or by making it of a design or shape through which a human cannot possibly pass by. Hence, leaving your entrance door to a bigger risk. For an average door, a lock can be easily picked or a door can be broken by forcing strength on it. Kestrel Australia specializes in making your home secures and has made its name prominent in by serving security doors customers specially. Based on our experience, here is why what you need to know about securing your homes by thinking how a thief would intrude!

The idea is to ensure that an intruder cannot break through your door and keeping that in mind we make sure the doors strength, hinges, frame fitting are all designed as such. Think as an intruder, a lock is meant to be picked and hinges are made to be broken, while a door is supposed to be weak enough to break in. And that is exactly where we focus! So let us walk you through the criminal mind of an intruder and what they look at when they want to break-in.

A criminal would attempt at picking up locks by pushing pins into the lock until the lock is opened. This is done by pushing and checking which ever pin opens the lock. What we focus on is making locks that cannot be opened by a lock pining instrument, as it just won’t fit in.

Whereas, many hit and run burglars who have not targeted or planned a robbery, they would prefer to kick the door or breaking it by using tools that weakens the door strength. In this case, we build security doors focusing on the strength and materials that cannot be broken down by strength. The security doors are made by focusing on materials such as aluminium, steel doors, hardwood.

Now buying a security door doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be an expensive investment. You can find doors for a cheap cost, but then by compromising on the quality, you will be compromising on your security. Look at it in a way that it is a big one time investment, shielding you from threats and intruders for a long time. You can check out our website at and get a free quotation online to help you making you buying decision easier. If you have more questions, get in touch with our team online and get your concerns well addressed.