How To Maintain A Swimming Pool?

It is important to maintain the swimming pool and pay attention to it from time to time. Some may recommend professionals for such purpose but here are few tips and tricks of which one can make use. Know about the type of water and it\’s needed in the pool during pool maintenanceIt is important to understand the pH levels and total alkalinity of the water. It helps to determine the acidity and if it requires to be neutralized. The range of pH scale is 0 to 14 whereby pH 7 is neutral.One must know of the amount of calcium, chlorine and other dissolved solid levels Each of the chemicals has a purpose such as chlorine is used to sanitize water and disinfect. It is important to maintain calcium levels as if they\’re low then the water may get corrosive. The cyanuric acid is helpful to protect from sunlight\’s UV rays. The other inorganic salts dissolved in water are potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides, sodium bicarbonates and sulfates. One must keep the statistics of water levelsThe required total alkalinity is 80 to 120 PPM while the pH level should be 7.2 to 7.8. The level of cyanuric acids is 40 to 80 PPM while calcium hardness should be 180 to 220 PPM. The total dissolved solids should be below 5000 PPM. Know of the testing timeline of each of the water componentWhen the water is tested, it should be clean and healthy. It is advised to test the water daily. The pH level should be tested twice a week and total alkalinity must be tested once a week. Other salts must be tested once a month. Purchase the strips for testing of waterThese strips should be able to identify pH, alkaline, chlorine and cyanuric acid. Go here  for more information about deck maintenance.  

Take the appropriate readingThe readings must match the recommended readings. If they don\’t match, use the chemicals to adjust the range. Use shock to keep the water clearThis helps to reduce irritation and odors. One can use basic shock products that kill bacteria and other waste. There are other multifunctional shock products for pool maintenance Townsville that restore the water\’s clarity, balance water\’s pH level, algae protection, and boost filtration. One can add algaecide to the waterSo, these are the different ways in which you can maintain your decking pool. Ensure that you have got all the tools to do so and be regular in doing so else the quality of the pool will really be hampered.