Glass And Shower Screen, A Name Of Reliability

Glass and shower screen have been into the business of making and providing bath shower screen for a long period of time. We make bath room screen for hospitals, hotels and residential purposes. We are open to make and give services who comes to us. We believe in providing the quality products to our customers. Our aim is to facilitate our customers in all the possible ways. When it comes to glass and bath shower screens, we always opt for the quality of a glass. We know that the temperature of a bathroom elevates to higher level and the glass should of the level that it can tolerate that much heat in the premises of a bathroom. Otherwise, there are high chances of getting it burst due to heat and a person who is inside a washroom will be affected.

Different Features of Glass and Showers:

There are many companies who are providing shower screens to the customers. But we have specialized in making them. Following are the few points that make us different from rest of the suppliers present in the market.

  • Customisation:

We give our customers an option to make their screen customised. We make frameless shower screens Willoughbyand screens with frames. The choice is solely depending upon the customers. It may vary from customer to customer. Some people like to make their screen according to the size of their bath rooms. The size and the shape are the choice of our clients.

  • Prices:

Unlike others, we do not charge much for the screens. We sell cheap frameless shower screen. But we never compromise on the quality. Less prices dont mean that we are compromising on the quality of our material. We offer less prices because we want to capture the market by applying cost effective method.

  • Delivery:

We believe in customer satisfaction. We deliver the ordered products as per the commitment. We have everything in written at the time of order. We make sure to provide before the delivery date. We never like to do delay in delivering our products. We care for the time and give respect to our customers by providing them their stuff before the delivery date.

  • Installation:

Installation of a glass screen is a bit tricky. One wrong move can lead to the collapse of a glass screen which is eventually not good for anyone. It also suspects the image of the provider. To install glass screen, we always need professionals who know how to install the screen in the right way.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and let us know your requirements. All the queries are also welcome.